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Client Testimonials:

Very impressed with the quality of the stucco repair at my house yesterday. Kirk and Jason did a great job of matching the texture of the rest of the house following a patio door replacement. Great service, skills and definitely recommend.

Kirk and Jason did a fantastic job on our house. They were professional and organized and got a team together and worked non stop to beat the rain. My house looks amazing now thanks to them.

Kirk performed some stucco repair work on our house. He was friendly, communicative, and professional. His work was excellent. After the job was complete, we noticed a small area in a different part of the house that needed repair. He went above and beyond to be sure that we were satisfied. I highly recommend them.

I was doing a complete remodel of a 1920 home in Kensington. Water had gotten under the old stucco in several places causing significant dry rot so the entire home had to be stripped, framing repaired, and re-stuccoed...

Kirk's team weather proofed the home with a Tyvek stucco wrap layer followed by two layers of building paper, lathe, and a 4 coat smooth hacienda style stucco finish.

I provided him with a photo of a southwestern style home with bullnosed corners and a smooth finish, he did an amazing job recreating exactly the look I was going for.

I would not hesitate to recommend Giordano Plastering.

Here's a link to one of the YouTube videos Kirk and his team created on the project they did at my home:


My husband and I were super impressed with the Giordano family and their business!!

We had the opportunity to work with both Kirk and his son, and it was incredible to see a family so passionate and skilled in their work!!!

I never truly understood the importance of a professionally completed stucco job, but so glad we went with a plastering business that was knowledgeable and talented!! They not only sealed up our needed patch of stucco to prevent any water leakage, but they matched the texture PERFECTLY!! You would never guess that it was patched.

Jason, his son, was so genuine and responsive when we were arranging the day for them to come out. It is nice to feel confidence and trust so quickly with some one. The crew was super friendly and very clean.

Without a doubt, we would reuse them for other jobs, and we recommend them wholeheartedly!!! Thank you Giordano family!

Kirk did a fantastic job on our stucco repair a couple years ago. I was just getting ready to reach out again for something else and realized I never reviewed him.

You honestly can't tell it was even repaired.

Finally!!! Someone that knows what he's doing and will not take short cuts... Don't look any further, their schedule is tight but hang in there HE IS WORTH THE WAIT.

I was painting the interior of a house while Kirk and Jason were doing the exterior stucco work. It was so fun to watch him work - he was a real pleasure to be around and he did an amazing job.

It is quite an art and he does it beautifully. Now if anyone needs stucco work, I always recommend them.

I found Giordano Plastering by watching their Youtube Videos on stucco repair. I had just repaired some dry rot on my living room exterior wall and needed someone to finish the stucco repair. Our house was built in 1936 and the texture style was hard to match. After reviewing Kirk's videos I knew he was the person to call. He had a opening later that week and scheduled my job for that Thursday. The texture match was beautiful and not only did he clean his mess he cleaned my mess too.

Kirk also was concerned about my large bay window and the fact that my 2 year old like playing at the window. He emailed me about his concerns and was relieved to find out that the window was replaced with safety glass. If you have stucco work Kirk Giordano Plastering is the company to use.

WATCH THEIR VIDEOS BEFORE YOU GET QUOTES. If you are a homeowner contemplating having a job done I would encourage you to watch their videos and go to school a bit on some the decision making involved in this trade. It is strange how 5 different people quoting a job will come up with 5 different ways of doing the job. Some of the ways will cause your stucco to fall off your house...

Stucco lasts a lifetime if done correctly and Kirk has been doing this for over 30 years. If you watch the videos you can see the outcomes of the jobs and the approach taken.

THEY SAVED ME THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. In my particular application Kirk recommended that I not do a total color coat at this time and patch and paint.

Kirk and Jason did a great job patching an area of approx 16'x4' of exterior stucco on our house - matches with the old stucco.
I'd hire them again.

Last fall I contacted Giordano Plastering after seeing their excellent, informed youtube videos about stucco. I had an ugly cinder block retaining wall in my front yard that I wanted to cover with a smooth coat of stucco. Smooth-finish stucco can crack if not done properly, and I felt Kirk's experience and knowledge would keep this from happening. I got other estimates and his was reasonable.

They were punctual, efficient, and friendly. And the wall looks great.

Finding competent contractors can be a chore. I contacted Kirk for a repair of a stucco wall. He referred an excellent carpenter named Gene Paletta. After the structure was repaired, Kirk and his team stuccoed the wall perfectly. It was a free form design and they NAILED it!!

I can highly recommend Kirk for excellent skills and professionalism.

Giordano Plastering was referred to me by my local plumber Todd. I had a small stucco job and Kirk came through and helped me out. They seem to have a busy schedule, but he was able to tend to my small job... His price was reasonable and he did a nice job. I will keep his info in case I am in need for stucco repair again!

This family is amazing! They know how to get the job done right. We had them replace a wall on our patio and they took extra care to protect our plants and cleaned up. Kirk was willing to explore a few custom options with me.

It was later great to see the crew in action through their YouTube channel, which I subscribe. Highly recommend this business.

Kirk was as good as his reviews. I had a large concrete retaining wall that the City of Orinda wanted covered. I told all the folks I asked for bids I wanted the cheapest most durable thing they could do... Kirk came up with a solution which was 2-4 times cheaper than the rest of the bids and never required any painting/maintenance.

The job was scheduled for one day, completed that day, and all my neighbors have commented on how nice it looks! What more can you ask for? How about a video collection of almost everything they do.

After doing a lot of research and getting a few quotes from people I was not impressed with (I should have checked out Yelp earlier) I found Kirk Giordano Plastering. They answered my emails/questions quickly; told me what needed to be done and how they will do it and the price was reasonable.

I had talked to someone who tried to sell me more than I need at a premium price, to others who did not want to give me a quote without my husband being present!!! They not only know about the trade, they are also very customer service oriented. A+

Recently I had a hot water pipe leak in my wall through the Stucco in the basement of my home. After taking care of the leak, Kirk came to replace the broken stucco on my wall base. He did such a great job, you can't even tell we had to knock the wall out. The new stucco looks perfect with the old Stucco which he did before about 13 years ago in my house. He also did it in a very timely manner. He is the man! I'd hire him again and again, if I have too! Also, I have known him for 20+ years (He is my neighbor).. He is a honest, hard working, friendly guy! In my opinion, if you need any work done, they are your men to get it done! Thank you Kirk!

Kirk and his guys did a great job on my house! After a nightmare with our first general contractor, they didn't mind correcting others poor workmanship. He always showed me where the problem areas were, and he priced everything as he showed me what needed to be done. I hadn't gotton that feeling from other contractors, so I highly recommend them for any stucco work.

Kirk Giordano plastering did a great job color coating our home, the bad patches where the new windows were installed no longer show and he was able to cover the drill holes where I had insulation shot into the walls, but best of all we never have to paint again, and the new finish makes the home look new. I got his number from the BBB. Thanks again.

Giordano Plastering was recommended to me by a friend who knows construction. Kirk suggested I do less than another contractor wanted to do, and seemed to know more than the other two guys I had look at the job. I appreciated that advice because it turned out better than I expected, and I spent a lot less hiring him to do only what I really needed. I would highly recommend their services to anyone needing stucco work!

Nothing but good things to say. I contacted Kirk, and we did a review of the problem for the condos where I live.

He and his son came and did great work. We had stucco bulging along the edge of an overhang. In a morning they removed the old, installed a weep screen (great name) and refinished the wall like new.

Everyone here is delighted. We are ready for winter rains.

Kirk and his son Jason did a great job on the stucco of my room addition.. They were very professional and friendly as they worked, and I could tell they took great pride in what they did. They also cleaned up much of the other contractors messes which i was impressed with.

I loved the fact that after they were finished I had a video to show my family and friends of the transformation from naked wood to completed room.

I will definitely hire them again if I need any more stucco work done.

Kirk Giordano and his son Jason completed a small but very difficult stucco project beautifully.

I was referred to him by a friend and when we spoke on the phone he was very knowledgeable and helpful. I hired him to stucco an addition to my home, he and his crew did a wonderful job I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing stucco work. They were courteous, skillful and neat, they left the place very clean when they were finished. I would hire them again.

I was referred to Giordano Plastering by a fellow Alameda contractor who we respected, and we were glad he did. They were very accommodating, willing to come over and talk over the job thoroughly with me ahead of time.

Stucco work requires a bit of experience to come out looking good. Kirk and his crew have that experience. As it was a small piece of work, I was concerned we would not get a good contractor, but they were very willing to take a look, give us a frank assessment, and make suggestions. They also fit us into his schedule to help us complete our house painting project in a timely manner.

We needed to repair an exterior wall which had recently been modified to accommodate a new electrical box. They were very responsive and professional. They provided a very competitive quote based on photos of the wall, were here on time as promised, and was finished with the project that morning.

The stucco work looks terrific. We will call them again when we need a stucco or plastering professional.

I had absolutely no idea who to hire to repair my broken windowsill until I surfed the internet and watched Kirk repairing stucco on YouTube, he was giving lessons for free online about how to repair stucco which I thought was really nice of him. He made it all look so easy for the do-it-yourself person.

I realized even though it looked easy, it would cost me a lot just to buy the tools to do the job, so I emailed them instead. They came to my home the next day and was able to do the repair quickly. His son came along and he videotaped the repair. I wish all contractors would do something like this. It inspires confidence to see them at work before you hire them.

He and his son are very polite and nice people too, which also is very good. All in all, I would recommend them highly.

Don't just take their word for it...

Contractor Testimonials:

I am a licensed general contractor. Kirk is a pros pro! He does all of my stucco work and repair on my east bay projects for me.

He is always dependable and does what he says he will do at the cost agreed upon - and he's got a great sense of humor.

This along with his attention to detail and finish makes him a great part of my team of contractors that I rely upon to get my work done right!

- Gene Paletta
Lic #787390

I'm a contractor in upstate NY... mainly painting, but I've spread out into remodeling bathrooms, kitchens, and some light phases of remodeling... So I started watching Kirk's videos months ago and I've been blown away at his expertise in what he does... Also, I am amazed at the fact that Kirk speaks to all of his viewers on youtube (i'm tommybrando)...

So the point of this review is to say what a pro kirk is... and does the best masonry work I've ever seen... I wish we could business together, or so I can introduce him to all of my customers when they need his outstanding skills...

So from a small business owner, he has been a great help to me and I appreciate it... He's a joy to watch and interact with!!!

I've always recommended Kirk Giordano Plastering to customers to patch and repair stucco because the match is always just like the surrounding area, the most important aspect of stucco work. He's reliable in terms of showing up on time and not playing games with pricing along the way.

I've used Kirk Giodano as a source of info while I stuccoed my own house. His expertise saved me time and time again. I strongly recommend his company. From working in the building trades all my life, I can tell when someone knows his stuff and is competent, thorough and honest. Kirk is all of those.

Kirk and his family are amazing! Most people as talented as them hold tight onto their industry knowledge but the Giordano family passes their time and talent all around the world on the web to either help us gain confidence to try, or know when to go to a pro like his family.

Kirk answered all of my questions to help me get the right material and gain confidence to tackle a job... if I ever moved to the Bay Area I wouldn't hesitate having Kirk take over any project I had.

I emailed Kirk with a question about a stucco texture that I was not sure how to create. He got back to me right away on how to do so.

More than this, you can tell that he and his son Jason take great pride in their work and that is priceless for customers.

Giordano Plastering did an outstanding job for my partner Joe Martinez and myself on a commercial building corner of Fruitval and International, adding earthquake safe Foam Facia elements, Dri Vit Acrilic which now more than 10 years shows no signs of stress cracks. A very difficult project because the busy traffic, the extensive scaffolding which included Pedestrian covered passage under the scaffolding. All in all, he is a talent, honest, and did more than what was contracted for. I have a listed number for anyone who needs the reference. I have used other contractors and found him the first and only I need contact.

I’ve followed Giordano Plastering for years and seen a lot of their work. Kirk really knows what he’s doing, something that cannot be said for all contractors. Cares about his work a great deal. I moved to Arizona from California, it’s too bad there isn’t a Kirk here.

Really appreciate all your knowledge and good advice.

Kirk is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful! His videos are very helpful and I have found him to be a great resource in my projects. Based on just my correspondence to date, I would not hesitate to recommend Giordano Plastering Inc. for your stucco needs! Thanks Kirk! You Rock!

The most experienced stucco and plaster company you will ever hire. They do great work. And not to mention Kirk is the most helpful and understood mentor. I was scared to turn a vision I had of a concrete shower into reality, but Kirk gave me the tools to get the job done. There were a few moments, I wished that I could call him and say... ”hey I need help.” But hey I live in Virginia Beach. Thanks again buddy. My wife is pleased.

I've been a painter drywaller handyman, sandblaster, etc. for 40 years about. Done interior after interior texture (regular drywall mud never stucco) just about everyday for a living. What I'm trying to say is to have a seasoned pro-pro like Mr. K.G. say I'm good just sent me flying around a few stars up there! Don't worry Kirk, your Karma is very strong, healthy and flowing. I will be sure to pass it on to someone who needs a little help.


Their videos are spot on. I am a plasterer in the UK and even though we dont use the same materials Kirks advice on tools and his videos on using a derby are brillant and very informative. Thank u.