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We have hundreds of plastering and stucco project videos explained from beginning to end, for those of you who wish to observe how the "stucco guys" complete plaster repairs properly.

Every stucco job is different and we take each individually, considering the needs of each person and their homes independently. We place a high standard on our stucco craftsmanship, giving each job the attention it deserves while keeping the job site neat and well organized. If you have a question and can't find an answer here, please contact us about it.

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Being the "local guys" in Alameda, we take a lot of pride in our work and serving our neighbors through the entire East Bay.

Don't get burned by an unlicensed contractor! Kirk Giordano Plastering, Inc. is a fully licensed and insured plastering contractor(CA License #730258). We repair the stucco expertly back to normal with a finish to match your existing walls. Once you have painted our new patch, it will blend into your old stucco so you and your friends won’t notice the stucco patchwork.

We believe in getting the job done properly. We own a utility truck with every tool necessary to complete the job, no running back & forth to Home Depot to find the right tools or materials.

We will never cut corners; our job is to blend code and cosmetics to create an end product that both the client and the city will be happy with.

With hundreds of instructional videos on YouTube, we have become a resource for plaster contractors through the entire nation. We enjoy explaining our work ethics and showing the proper techniques that are standard in the lath and plaster industry.

We believe in 100% transparency - we will always quote you a fair price that you can trust (don't expect us to throw last minute change orders at you), and we will never take a job we can't deliver on.

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Meet the Family

Kirk & Jason Giordano

Kirk and Jason have a combined experience of over 50 years as East Bay plastering contractors. In 1978, Kirk started in the plastering union. After a few years in the trade, he chose to get his own license and start his own stucco company in Alameda. His name became well known for quality.

Jason began working stucco with his dad in his teenage years, and continued in order to finance his education. During college he thought that a youtube channel might be good advertising for the company, and together they began creating videos. What originally began as a way to gain new business quickly grew to an online community, and a resource to educate anyone interested in stucco and plastering.

Taking pride in a job well done (as well as sharing the behind the scenes of the stucco industry) inspires them both to continue to accept new plastering projects and produce new content.

Check out our videos and learn to repair stucco yourself!
Or, if that seems like too much work you can hire us instead - see our services below.

Lathing, Flashing, & Waterproofing

We take care in protecting your home from the elements and know how to keep water out.

Scratch & Brown Base Coats

From start to finish, we can help at every step of your stucco project!

Color Coat Refinishes

Want to change the texture or renew the color of your home? Choosing a stucco color coat means never painting your house again!

Kirk & Jason Giordano

Stucco Skim Coats

Is it time to refresh your bricks, cinder blocks, or retaining walls? Modernize your landscaping with stucco!

Window & Door Stucco Replacement

Expert matching of all stucco textures after door and window replacements.

Interior Plastering & More

Lath and plaster repair on walls and ceilings. Fireplace and chimney resurfacing, BBQs, pizza ovens, & various other patchwork.


Jason & Kirk Giordano on the job site

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